1. Subconscious

writers: chris & jeff sable


<p align="center"><strong>Subconscious 4:34</strong>&nbsp;<br />
<em>The conscious is moving on....but is he really? <br />
</em>Lyrics-<br />
verse 1: i woke up this morning could of swore you were here i thought i felt you breathing thought i felt you hair <br />
i took me a moment to clear the thoughts in my head then i opened my eyes to my empty bed <br />
i can put away the pictures i can push down the thoughts i can try not to think about it when i wear the things that you bought <br />
chorus: but i can't get you out of my dreams no matter how hard that i try <br />
i can't get you out of my dreams cause i've got no subconscious control <br />
verse 2: i went out on friday with a couple of friends and you weren't a thought 'til someone asked where you've been <br />
well you can to replace me and i'll do the same and i can try real real hard not to mention your name <br />
repeat chorus. verse 3: i wanna turn the page, i want to forget but i can't help from feeling, i'm not done writing yet <br />