1. Drop of Rain

writers: chris & jeff sable


<p align="center"><strong>Drop of Rain 3:44</strong><br />
<em>A broken heart lament.</em> <br />
Lyrics-<br />
verse 1:i don't know what to do, i'm having trouble getting over you no matter what they say, it's not getting any easier each day <br />
and no matter how i try to get you off my mind something little happens that reminds me of old times <br />
chorus: just a drop of rain, can start a flood in me just a simple little thing, brings on a wave of memories <br />
verse2: i guess i should be bitter, but you'd know that just not me and i try not to be angry, cause that's not how i wanna be <br />
but sometimes i half to wonder if you ever cared or i you ran away because you got a little scared <br />
repeat chorus. bridge: i know you might not wanna hear this but somehow this whole thing seems so wrong <br />