writers: chris & jeff sable


<p align="center"><strong>Everybody Wants Her 3:09</strong><br />
&nbsp;<em>Loving the woman that everyone desires.</em> <br />
Lyrics-<br />
verse 1: she's the kind of girl puppies and babies are drawn, but she sure looks good when you need you a shoulder to cry on <br />
she can take a joke or a drink with the guys but you know she's all woman, when you look in her eyes <br />
chorus: everybody wants her, they all think she's cool <br />
but nobody lovers her the way that i do, everybody wants her <br />
verse 2: she puts on her makeup, she knows she don't need it, but she wears just enough, so light you can't see it <br />
repeat chorus. bridge: she's all jeans and boots, over business suits and that suits me just fine... <br />