From the recordings SABLE Compilation and SABLE If I Fell EP

B. McCormack, C.& J. Sable


If I told you what was on my mind, if I told you what I needed to say
Would you listen to me, or would you turn and walk away
The words are never easy to find and if they are they're even harder to say
And I can never be sure if you will feel the same way

I never met another girl like you, who makes me feel the way you do
So before I fall and give it my all I need to ask one thing of you…

If I fell for you would all of my dreams come true
Tell me what would think if I fell for a girl like you

I saw you yesterday, it'd been so long I didn't know what to say
I never thought of you as any more than a friend
But something in your eyes, touched me somewhere down deep inside
I felt a feeling I thought I would never feel again

I never realized you could play the part that was missing from inside my heart
So won't you give me a sign and ease this old heart of mine
Give me a place to start...