1. I Want It All

From the recordings SABLE Compilation and SABLE If I Fell EP

E. McCain & W. Mobley


She's got an inner child, a little tame and a whole lot of wild
But as crazy as it is, it is who she is
She smiles she frowns, she's sunshine she's clouds
Emotional to say the least, but that's okay by me

'cause when I fell, I fell hard
From the beauty in her eyes to her little battle scars
The good, the bad, the happy and the sad
Her perfections and every little flaw, I want it all…

And sometimes they're lying eyes, she found some new laugh lines
But whenever she asks me, it's only beauty that I see


And when she falls asleep, I know she'll dream a little dream of me
And in the morning she will see, that it's easy to believe, oh yeah...