1. Wild and Free

From the recordings SABLE Compilation and SABLE If I Fell EP

C. & J. Sable


Remember when we we're young and crazy, we thought that we knew everything
We were gonna change the world, in ways we've never seen
Remember when we'd stay up late, just drinking and dreaming the night away
It would all be so easy, we thought that we knew everything

And even though life it threw us some curves and changed a few of our plans
We never let it get us down, girl we took every chance

We we're wild and free
Don't ask me how we got this far
It was you and me
Driving around in that old beat up car

Looking back all the times we thought, this time it's gonna be it
If we don't get this off the ground, hell I'm just gonna quit

Repeat pre-chorus and chorus

The weeks turn to months, the months turned to years
And through it all, you always been here….