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  1. Coming Home

J & C Sable, J. Hanselman


Coming Home by Sable
I can just hold on to the memory of holding you, for so long, the needing of feeling you when I’m gone, I’m constantly missing you
First thing that I miss is the touch of your fingertips on my lips, the smell of your sweet perfume, just before we kiss, on nights like this…
But I hate it that I’m always gone
And the missing you keeps me movin’ on
Cause coming home’s what I love about leaving you.
When I’m on the road and you’re all alone
I hate it that, you’re on your own
And coming home’s what I love about leaving you…
I just close my eyes and picture you sitting there, I just die, you in those old blue jeans I won’t lie you’re a perfect pair…

"Somewhere between Nashville Country and Heartland Rock... you'll find yourself in SABLECOUNTRY!"
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